Off to Seattle and National Parks

I’m extremely excited to head back up to Washington for the week tomorrow night and do some more National Park photo taking!  Tanya, Lily and I are going to be spending the long weekend in Seattle with some of our close friends [and staying on a b&b farm!  With chickens!].  We’ve always talked about potentially moving up there, so we’re going to scout things out a little bit and see how we like it.  The last time I was there a few years back I was quite literally at the end of wedding season, so I was completely fried and basically non-functional.  This time I’m looking forward to driving/walking [!!] around and enjoying hanging out with my family.

Once Sunday comes around, Tanya and Lily head home and I get to go have some fun for a couple days out at Olympic National Park [#11] and then over at Mt. Rainier National Park [#26] a new park for me!  I’m really looking forward to exploring the west coastline again and I’m going to be staying in the apparently Twilight heavy town of Forks.  It’s in a central location for what I want to see, though I’m currently preparing myself for the explosion of tween girls most likely occupying this area.  At Mt. Rainier I’m staying at the Paradise Lodge, an old timber hotel within the park which looks super fun [w/ night time temps of 30 in June!].  Photos to come!


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