Mt Rainier National Park

Mt Rainier National Park

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This last June Tanya, Lily, and I made a little jaunt up to Seattle for a long weekend for a little r&r and once that was over they headed back home and I got to go visit some of Washington’s finest National Parks.  First on the list was Mt Rainier National Park, the mountain that’s on pretty much every Washington license plate.  I arrived on a particularly foggy wet day and as I headed up the mountain it only got worse.  It was clear I was going to hit the cloud line pretty early on, and sure enough I did.  I also wasn’t quite expecting to see snow, or the sheer amount of it still there in June.

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This was the view from Paradise, the highest point on the roadway and where I was staying for a couple days.  The fog was so thick it was like being inside a humidifier.  Also the snow was stacked at least 10 feet high in some areas, clearly a place you don’t want to be in the winter.

The next day was gorgeous and had bright blue skies and clear views of Mt. Rainier.

For a really reasonable price you can stay inside Mt Rainier National Park up on the side of the mountain in the Paradise Inn.  The novelty of it was great and if you don’t mind not having a bathroom in your room you can do it pretty cheap too.  No wife with you?  No problem!  In the wintertime this place gets completely buried in snow, literally over the rooftops.

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