Playa del Rey Tour of Ballona Wetlands!

Ballona Creek Tour
Ballona Creek Tour

Probably the single thing that makes living in Los Angeles bearable is settling down in my town of Playa del Rey. There are so many aspects that make it great and besides the obvious [being on the beach], the next best thing is how it is right on the Ballona Wetlands. The Ballona Wetlands are the last significant wetlands remaining in the LA basin and is home to many a creature that tries to run under my car tires at night [rabbits, hawks, gophers, egrets, etc.]. Coming home at night down Culver Blvd makes it feel like I’m leaving LA and driving into some strange quaint little town. Anyway, enough of my selling points.

I’ve been meaning to go check out more of it for awhile now and when I found out the Ballona Institute was doing a group tour I jumped on it. They offer free tours the first Sunday of every month run by Roy van de Hoek, a passionate preservationist and director of the institute. I highly recommend checking it out, you can tell in the hour/two-hour tour how much he loves doing what he does and his knowledge of the area is unparalleled. For more information check out the Ballona Institute’s website!

  • Robert Roy van de Hoek - Hi Ian:
    Great photographs of a great photographer.
    Of course, I like the photos taken of me leading a Ballona Nature Walk at Del Rey Lagoon City Park in Playa del Rey.

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