Picking Out a Christmas Tree

Picking Out a Christmas Tree

Playa del Rey, Ca

Every year Tanya and I go and have fun picking out a Christmas tree nearby, mostly so our cat Sam will have something to climb on/drink out of.  This year we went nice and early and brought our little offspring along so she could help pick one out.  She of course had no interest as collecting pine needles and string was far more fun.  In fact keeping her in one place was pretty tricky as running is now in the cards for little Lily.

Picking Out a Christmas Tree

Lily’s favorite toys are still those cheap little Ikea Rats.

I wasn’t kidding, all she wanted to do was collect string that had been discarded from other trees and random branches.  We were left to the picking out a Christmas Tree part, she handled the trash cleanup.

Once we got it home it was time to put it up, and of course the pets wanted to join in.

Lily laid claim on a monkey ornament she picked out.  She did not want to give that thing up even when Riley tried stealing it from her.

An addendum: A couple days after we got it, the tree decided to start a slow painful death [even though it had plenty of water/flashy lights/love!!].  We didn’t think much of the mass exodus of pine needles that it spewed out on a daily basis, but our tree was just sending out a distress warning.  Not long after is when the flies came.  More and more of these little flying beasts kept coming out of the tree and driving us insane until a week later it was enough and time for the tree/flies to go live outdoors with the raccoons by the trashcan where they belong.  At least we got some beautiful photos of Lily by the tree for her first real Christmas.  Presents go by our bunny’s cage this year.

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and an even better New Year!

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