Maui Family Photography

Maui Family Photography

Maui, Hawaii / Lily: 1 Year Old

Lily was hitting the big NUMBER ONE so it was inevitable that we were going to have to do a nice little shoot for her.  So on November 20th we flew to Maui, threw her on a beach, and let her run around & consume as much sand as humanly possible.  Ok, well we were there anyway and there happened to be a beach everywhere, so we picked a pretty gorgeous empty one.

It’s been a really wonderful first year with her and I hope it shows in all her photos.  While it clearly had its stressful moments [every day], somehow your brain glosses over the bad and then you have really wonderful photos to look back at later…and remember how it was pretty much the longest year in the history of man.

Here are some of our favorite shoots from this last year:

Month 1: Birth Story / Life with Lily  |  Month 2Lily Dances in her Crib
Month 3First Haircut  |  Month 4Sunset at the Beach | First Meal | Prunes
Month 5Lunch Break Beachtime | Eating Peas  |  Month 6On the Farm
Month 10Lily and Her Pet Rat  |   Month 11Exploring Waves | Halloween | Cake Smash

Maui Family PhotographyMaui Family PhotographyMaui Family Photography

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