Los Angeles Family Photography: Lily Likes Eating Prunes

Lily: 4½ Months Old

How to I say this nicely?  Since Lily has been on solid foods, she’s been a little bit *plugged up* as of late, so being the nice parents we are, we went out and bought her some baby food prunes from the store.  Outside of rice cereal and milk/formula she’s never had anything with a distinct taste before, so we wanted to make sure this whole thing was documented well…being photographers and all.  Turns out Lily LOVES a nice prune and rice cereal cocktail as the following photos attest.

Photos Taken with a Canon 5D Mark III /  Canon 50mm f/1.2 L

I’m pretty sure Lily didn’t realize there was more food on her face when she set about licking the spoon clean…by that I mean she grabbed it away from Tanya and made sure that thing was spotless.

…and then promptly went for the food bowl next.

There was no simple way to clean this kid up afterwards, so we let our food frenzied dog Riley go at it.  Lily was excited at first, and then realized the true horror that was going on.

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