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Lily and Her Pet Rat

Lily: 10 Months Old

Every once in awhile I like to pull out the white seamless backdrop [see 2 months / 4 months old] and let Lily be Lily.  Basically, be silly and dance around like a crazy person, preferably with her friend Ikea Rat and document the madness. You might notice a clothing/hair change up a few shots in.  Yea...Lily had a little bit of a diaper explosion on the white paper and needed a quick toss in the shower [diaper still attached].

Lily has recently been standing up a ton and just yesterday took her first steps.  She celebrated by making out with herself on our bedroom mirror.  Such is life with a baby.

This is Lily's favorite toy, and has been for months and months.  It's a Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes and she mashes on it for hours on end.  She actually just broke it, but then smacked it against the wall enough times to get it playing songs again.  Hilarious.

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