Kenmore Family Photographer

Kenmore Family Photographer

Saint Edward State Park – Kenmore, Washington / Lily – 16 Months

Saint Edward State Park has quickly become one of our favorite places to go run our little 16 month old daughter, Lily.  When we first thought of moving to Seattle, we had the idea in our head of these great picturesque parks all over with mossy trees and scenic trails.  That and green.  We missed greenery.  As a Kenmore Family Photographer, finding a place like Saint Edward has been a real treat.

Saint Edward State Park is right on the shore of Lake Washington in northern Seattle suburb of Kenmore and it’s main central point is this creepy old abandoned seminary.  It still gets some use, but yea.  Creepy.  Thankfully the grounds around it are fantastic!  Tons of open space to wear yourself out and one of the best playgrounds in the state.  If you’re feeling up for a hike, there’s tons of trails leading around the forest which will lead you down to Washington’s second largest freshwater lake.

Kenmore Family Photographer

In typical Lily fashion, dirt and flowers have to be consumed.  Disgruntled face comes next.  That is until mom busts out the strawberries.  Lily is obsessed with strawberries and will drop whatever she’s doing and finish off a whole carton by herself.

Kenmore Family PhotographerKenmore Family PhotographerKenmore Family Photographer

For some reason she really only wanted to play under the picnic tables with some sticks this time.  And of course she kept bonking her head on the table, the adventure spirit is there, but the total coordination thing is lacking.

Kenmore Family PhotographerKenmore Family PhotographerKenmore Family PhotographerKenmore Family PhotographerKenmore Family Photographer

Lily has decided she likes slides, but on her terms.  They have some fun ones at the playground, but as soon as I took her in one of the enclosed ones it was game over.  Time for dad to console the little one.

Kenmore Family PhotographerKenmore Family PhotographerKenmore Family PhotographerKenmore Family Photographer

A little about Saint Edward State Park:

Saint Edward State Park is a 316-acre park in Kenmore, Washington and Kirkland, Washington. It is part of the Washington State Park System. Before becoming a Catholic seminary and later a state park, the area was logged in the 19th century and again in the 1920s. A series of trails runs through the park for bicyclists and hikers. The forest canopy is primarily made up of the Coast Douglas-fir,Western Redcedar, Bigleaf Maple, Pacific Madrone and Western Hemlock. Its dense carpet includes many varieties of fern (mainly Western Sword Fern), shrub and moss. It is flanked on the west by an undeveloped beach on Lake Washington. The park surrounds the Saint Thomas Center, which houses Bastyr University.  The park boasts the largest children’s playground in the state, built primarily by local volunteers in 2003. It was recently named one of the Top 5 playgrounds in Washington State.

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  • Derek F. Coleman - We recently visited the St. Edward’s park in Seattle. It is known to be one of the popular Washington State Parks in the area. There are hikes that take you down to the lake at the end of the trail. All through the trail, you would be enveloped amidst the 316 acres enchanting foliage.

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