Halloween Year One: Lily ‘Two Scoops’ Grant

Halloween Year One: Lily ‘Two Scoops’ Grant

Lily: 11 Months Old

Our first Halloween with a toddler is here and Lily wants nothing to do with it.  She strongly dislikes hats, and well clothing in general, which lead us to get the most body consuming Halloween costume made for a child…The Double Scoop Ice Cream Cone.  In some fairness, Lily’s only costume interest was being a Cow but I said no way.  Being that it is her first Halloween I wanted to put together a nice little shoot of her & in the outfit which lead to extreme displeasure face and her trying to knock my light stand down with the ‘Animal Homes‘ book I gave to distract her.  Never once have I doubted that she knows exactly what she wants, and is going to make sure I know what that is.

Lily is now officially a toddler and doesn’t want to sit still.  She truly discovered walking the other day and wants nothing to do with the whole crawling thing anymore.  As with most exciting new developments, it’s an overnight change and it started with her running around a Chinese restaurant on two feet and dancing in front of every table.  She danced so hard for a birthday party in the back room that they brought Tanya and I pieces of cake, as clearly we contributed to the entertainment free of charge.

Lily got bored very quickly with the shoot…

…so she set off to find Riley the dog who thought she was a real ice cream cone and proceeded to lick her for 5 minutes.

The next day we took Lily out to a pumpkin patch and let her play amongst the bright orange pumpkins.  She didn’t understand what all the fuss was about so she sat and chewed on hay the whole time.

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