Lily’s First Haircut

Lily’s First Haircut

Lily: 14 Months Old / Bothell, WA

Lily is growing up and has established a real good head of hair on her head.  She’s got her mom’s long curls in the back and some seriously scraggly bangs in the front, so we knew it was time for someone to clean her up a bit and make her look a bit more presentable.  Mind you, I tried doing this awhile back, but Tanya has been on my case about ‘no more Dumb and Dumber haircuts‘, so alas I had to let someone with actual skills do the job.

Since we’re now in Seattle, we needed to find a new haircutter and had spotted this place at Country Village in Bothell called Bella and Max.  They specialize in kids cuts and even have cars and train seats to sit in.  They also pass out toys, put on whatever mind numbing children’s tv they want, all in the name of keeping your kid quiet and not freaking out.  To me the  real selling point is the insane amount of ducks, roosters, and other wild beasts that are aimlessly wandering the waterways next to the parking lot.  Lily LOVES ducks, and quacking at them is serious business– what better way to get her happy before the big day?!

On the day of her appointment Lily was in a rather pissy mood sadly, but we took her to see the ducks and collect a few leaves before finally taking her over for her haircut.  Immediately she was not happy.  No amount of Dora, reading books, or drinking milk was going to stop the intense burning fury in her eyes and she was going to make sure everyone knew about it.  Thankfully our haircutter was a champ, didn’t get frustrated, and got it done within a few minutes.  Afterwards, Lily shook it off and acted like nothing just happened.  Aye.

Everything started out very innocent, almost too easy…

First HaircutFirst Haircut

…and then the freakout started.  She wanted nothing to do with milk, books, and tried really hard to enjoy Dora, but nothing worked to calm down the beast.

Toddler First HaircutPhotos of First HaircutWhen to get first haircutWhen to get first haircutFirst Haircut

It didn’t help that she was a touch under the weather, so all that crying lead to snot bubbles.

First Haircut

Afterwards it was old news and on to better more exciting things like flying on the swings and playing with ponies.

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