Destruction Brook

Quite literally after another year of Ian and Lily birthdays [we're a day a part], we found ourselves heading back to my hometown of Dartmouth, Massachusetts for a bit of a family emergency.  Sadly, my mom passed quite suddenly and everyone found themselves back at the old family homestead.  It's always a little surreal heading back home, but we got to take Lily hiking a little bit and show her around a few new places she hasn't been before.  Also, I can now say I've purchased airfare 3 hours before leaving my house, a day before Thanksgiving.

Destruction Brook is right around the corner from my house, so it's a great little spot for a three year old to find sticks, throw corn cobs, and see a waterfall.  It was a bit of a sad occasion, but I think everyone got a little stress out of their system.

Destruction Brook

Dartmouth, MA
Lily - 3 Years / Photography by: Ian Grant [book a family session]

Destruction Brook, Dartmouth, MADestruction Brook ReserveDestruction Brook Reserve

To Lily's right there was a waterfall, to which she threw a stick down.  Cause and effect- she was mad.

Destruction Brook ReserveDestruction Brook Reserve

We came back a couple times as it's just about the right amount of hiking for a little toddler.  Lily was having a great time and there were plenty of leaves to snag and throw.

Corn Field, Dartmouth, MACorn Field, Dartmouth, MADestruction Brook, Dartmouth, MADestruction Brook, Dartmouth, MADestruction Brook, Dartmouth, MADartmouth, MA Farm

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  • Wendy - So sorry to hear about your mom. Cute pictures of Lily though!

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