Camano Island Family Photographer

Camano Island Family Photographer

Cama Beach State Park, Washington / Lily – 15 Months

This last weekend we took a little day trip up to Camano Island which is about an hour north of Seattle to let little Lily stretch her legs.  It was a pretty typical overcast day, a little nippy and pretty windy.  This was great because we had the entire place to ourselves!    Lily took this in stride and decided to sit down, grab some rocks and try gnawing off some barnacles.

Camano Island Family PhotographerCamano Island Family PhotographerCamano Island Family PhotographerCamano Island Family PhotographerCama Beach State Park Family Photographer

At Cama Beach State Park you can rent these great little cabins overlooking the Puget Sound!

Cama Beach State Park Family PhotographerCamano Island PhotographerCamano Island PhotographerCamano Island PhotographerCamano Island Wedding Photographer

Once Lily realized she wasn’t supposed to eat rocks, then she was all about it.  Getting great reactions from Mom is what it’s all about.

Camano Island Wedding PhotographerCamano Island Wedding PhotographerCamano Island Childrens PhotographerCamano Island Childrens Photographer

Tanya found a great shell and taught Lily all about the wonders of hearing the ocean when you put it up to your ear.  Having the ocean sounds going into your ear from the other side might have influenced it a little bit though…


Towards the end a crazy storm came in [I edited it to make it look even crazier] and it was time to retreat back to the relative comforts of our car.  Lily wasn’t ready though, she wanted to walk into the freezing Alaska current water.

Somehow this child has gone from being afraid of the ocean to NEEDING to climb into it at every given opportunity.  Seriously, she substitutes the dog water dish when it’s been awhile!

A little about Cama Beach and Camano Island:

Within a 90-minute drive of Seattle, Cama Beach offers day and overnight visitors alike a “time capsule” experience. The historic fishing resort was a favorite summer getaway for families for more than 50 years. The area, used for centuries by Native Americans for fishing and hunting, looks out on sweeping views of the Sound, with Whidbey Island and the Olympic Mountains beyond.

Camano Island is a large island in the Possession Sound portion of Puget Sound, located in Island County, Washington, between Whidbey Island and the mainland. The body of water separating Whidbey Island and Camano Island is called Saratoga Passage. Camano Island is separated from mainland Snohomish County by Davis Slough near the city of Stanwood. The island is reached via State Route 532 over the Camano Gateway Bridge in the northeast of the island.

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