Day One Ireland Roadtrip: Slane Farm Hostel; Slane, Ireland

The first day of our great Ireland Road Trip is basically going to consist of recovering from our massive flights [I’m coming direct from Los Angeles to Dublin] so instead of my original plan of driving from Dublin > Donegal, it’s going to be a bit lighter. I found [on one of my new favorite Ireland Hostel sites], the Slane Farm Hostel in Slane, Ireland which is only about an hour or so North of Dublin and it looked perfect. It’s on a working farm, and the people running it seem really great. They do not currently take internet reservations, but I sent over an email request and a very nice person over there basically told me to just show up when I get there. Their official website is if you want to check it out.

I’m thinking we’ll probably get the car at the airport, and cruise around Howth and up the coastline and then back over to Slane, which is in the Boyne Valley near Kells. From there the next day we can cruise up to Donegal well rested and in much happier moods.

Slane Hostel Map


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