Holiday Postcard Mockup

One of my friends Tim Luke decided he would make his own version of our holiday postcard based on the images I had up on the blog the other day. Last night around 4am I finished the design and sent the CMYK goodness out to the printer, hopefully it won’t take too long to get back to me.

I’ve actually had the front done since Saturday, and I like to let things sit for a few days to see if I still like it [I get a little excited while I’m working, and after a few days I can realistically evaluate things]. Basically every time I pull up the design I couldn’t be happier- its that cool. GotPrint is located up in Burbank, so technically I could go drive up and get them, but I figure it costs about the same to ship as it would be to drive up there. I spent a couple bucks more and got nice rounded corners too- it’s going to look amazing. I posted a couple more unused greenscreens on my Facebook. Dec. 1st is the premiere day!

Fake Postcard Design
[Tim’s mock-up of what my postcard should look like]

  • Ally - That came out very, very well. looks awesome. really cool concept, too.

  • Miguel Mayo - really cool!

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