Where Has Ian Gone?

Hey folks!
Sorry I haven't updated in awhile- I've been working quite literally non-stop for the last few months. Here's what's been going on:

- Got hired a few months back to shoot real estate jobs, been shooting as well as editing other photographers work pretty non-stop, every day.

- Went up to Pacific Grove / Monterey to get everything straightened away for our wedding.

- Wedding season has started! Been shooting a bunch and getting hired to shoot even more! 2009 is going to be insane.

- Next week I'm going to get out of dodge. Might head up to Oregon or maybe even Washington, we'll see. Lots of new National Parks to explore!

- After I get home from that, a week later I get married! Insane!

- Later that week, its time to shoot another wedding!

Hopefully soon I'll post up some more photos, I seriously have a huge backlog of stuff I can't wait to share!

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