Tape Roll Girl – Kenmare, Ireland;

Tape Roll Girl - The Sick and Indigent Roomkeepers SocietyTape Roll Girl, Kenmare, Ireland 2005.

I met this girl on my roadtrip through Ireland in the spring of 2005. I had just arrived in Kenmare, which is a small town down in the southwest of Ireland. I arrived as the sun was starting to go down and put down all my stuff in the hostel and set out to see what was going on around town. It seemed like everyone was either staring at me or wanting to talk to me because as I was walking around this group of girls probably around my age were outside a bar smoking, and I smiled because you know one was staring at me and as I walked by she goes hey! and I turn around to face this girl who was rather oddly looking, but I admired her assertiveness and did the whole whats going on routine. Much to my amusement, she got to the point quickly and said I’d imagine you’ll be meeting me here at the bar later tonight and probably thought she was well clear enough to throw in a ‘and buy me a drink’ a second later. I laughed and told her that was a bit forward. I lied and told her I would. Later on, I was crossing this bridge and a little girl came running up to me and had a big wad of tape in her hands. She had a big out of breath grin on her face and looked straight out of a Dorothea Lange photograph. I asked her to take a few photographs and she worked the tape into a nice big ball as I snapped a few in front of the gate to her house. After that she ran inside for dinner and thats how I met the Tape Roll girl.See her and more in:
The Sick and Indigent Roomkeepers Society

  • Aaron - Ian, it looks like you have a really great book, congrats. I was wondering, did you have a lot of difficulty with the Lulu publishing site? I can’t seem to do anything with their photobook section. I think they have a great idea, but then I can’t seem to put my PDF file up anywhere. Buttons seem to be missing…

  • ian - i’ve been using their standard paperback creation method, not their photobook one. in there you can very easily drop in your own pdf, it’s probably alot easier than the photobook setup. good luck!

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