Portrait Book: Proof book out the door!

With book design complete, my test copy of the book is out the door! Within a week or so I should have my book in hand and can better gauge the quality- nevertheless, it’s made, done, and it feels nice. It’s honestly a really killer looking book and something I’ll be proud having other people own, so that’s really all one can ask for.  Not to mention, this project has been a few years in the making so it’s about time it gets wrapped up! Here is a screen-shot from my distributor Lulu.com [mostly because I’ve been on a screen shot posting kick lately]:

Lulu Photobook by Ian Grant called The Sick and Indigent Roomkeepers Society

  • Mark - I was just surfing over from the Best Shot community on LJ, and scrolling through your work. Very nice stuff all around!

    Than I saw this book cover…I took a photo in Dublin Ireland with that exact sign on the door, and painted on the entire face width of the building the door was an entry to.

    This is strangely exciting.

  • ian - very cool! its such a strange building, with such a great title!

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