Preorder Canon PowerShot G11

Canon G11 at

People are endlessly asking me, Ian what camera should I buy???  Normally I reccomend one of Canon’s Digital Elphs because I’ve owned one in some various model for the last almost 10 years now.  They’re excellent point and shoot cameras and for most people it more than does the job.

Yesterday, Canon came out with a really awesome new camera called the Canon Powershot G11, which is somewhat of a glorified point-and-shoot.  A bit of a cross between a SLR [big camera] and a small shooter.  They’re a little expensive, around $500, but if you’re planning on getting one camera for your trip and don’t want to lug a huge camera with lenses around- this is it.  Check it out, the specs are great and you’re going to love the photos you take with it.  It’s expected to hit store shelves in October.

Preorder the Canon Powershot G11 at


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