Preorder the Apple iPad

Preorder Apple iPad

I’m totally an electronics person, so it’s kind of nice that buying cameras and computers can be part of my job…or at least it gives me an excuse sometimes.  Anyway, people have been pretty split over this Apple iPad thing, and my take is it could be a really great tool for us photographers.  I don’t have a Blackberry or iPhone, so staying connected when I’m out and about on road trips is a bit of a problem.  Especially when going out into the middle of nowhere.  Most of the time I have a cell phone signal, so being able to have a pretty large screen that I can whip out and write back to clients could be really nice [especially when I don’t have to squint really tight].  I’ve been thinking about picking up the 3G 16gb version and the $30 a month for wireless internet isn’t the worst thing ever.  Maybe I can justify to Tanya that if I’m ever out in the desert and break down it could save my life, so that alone would pay for itself.

What are your thoughts?

PS: So far the only place I’ve seen you can preorder an iPad is at J&R in New York [which I order from all the time anyway].  Grab one while you can!

UPDATE: Not so fast!  Joe at J&R told us it’s not quite ready for a pre-order…as soon as it gets the FCC approval, we’ll be good to go.

  • Joe Wang - Ian,
    Thanks much for the plug, but we at J&R jumped the gun and put the iPad on pre order accidentally. Apologies for the bad link!

    I’m more than likely going to get one myself, but base non wireless version. I’m thinking it may be more cost effective to purchase the Verizon Mifi ($60 a month data access). This way I have wifi data access to the iPad, notebook, and iPhone. Data service is iffy AT&T here in the downtown NYC area.

    RE: Talking Tanya into this, being that you can directly import images from your camera to the iPad directly… Isnt this tax deductible? :)

  • ian - I’d just assume not jump on the AT&T bandwagon too- I really like the idea of the Mifi, though the idea of limited data kind of scares me…especially when you’re getting nailed by the K with Verizon [I do like their service with my current phone though]. Its an amazing concept though!

  • Shasha - stopping by from lj, just an fyi… you’re not gonna get 3g coverage in the desert. I have an iPhone, and although the ipad is something I’ve considered, the fact that it can’t do anything that my phone can’t do completely turns me off. and my phone is already 32gb.

  • ian - Question for you then: Does it get regular internet service, and just not 3G? I don’t mind having slow internet if I’m like hanging off a cliff or marooned in the middle of Death Valley. I have an iPod touch, and I agree with you- it doesn’t really do a whole lot more than the touch…it’s just bigger. I think it’d be great to take to meetings and franking I think I’m most excited about Square that’s coming out soon.

  • Shasha - If you’re out in the middle of nowhere, you will likely get Edge (that’s the slow non-3G service) wherever you can get a cel signal. So if you have AT&T, and you know where your phone works, that’ll help. I don’t know if the ipad has edge capability or just 3G. Edge is ok on my iPhone, but it would likely be terribly slow if it was loading pages and such at a much higher resolution on something like the ipad.

  • ian - I’ve been all over the place in tech decision-making lately…it’s not coming out for a few months, so I have some time to decide thankfully. I appreciate the info!

  • Peter - Great blog, really like the pictures!

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