Pre-order Canon 1D Mark IV

I like to drool over camera gear, and I’m lucky to be able to call my expensive hobby my job.  With that said, whenever a new camera comes out I kind of get giddy even if they’re not practical at all for me.  Such is the case with the new Canon 1D Mark IV.  My main camera is currently the Canon 5D Mark II which is really almost overkill in a way for what I do, but it makes me happy.   As much as I like them, the 1 series are what I call wrist busters.  When you combine the heavy L lenses with an already heavy camera you come home from weddings with a busted wrist from lifting them around all the time.  I already have a hard enough time with my 5DMII, I come home from weddings and slap Icy Hot all over my arms- adding another few pounds on top of my already heavy camera is straight out of my nightmares.  So anyway, new Canon 1 series, very cool, drop $5k and go pre-order yourself a new camera!

  • Heather Kral - WOW. I love it. I am still trying to get an SLR camera in general. Any recommendations? I was thinking about doing the Canon 50D. Yay or nay?

  • ian - I’d pick up a Canon digital Rebel or a crossover like the Canon G10- you can always go up from there if you decide you’re outgrowing it.

  • key biscayne wedding photographer - I will get a 5D Mark II soon. I will wait a few months until its price drops a little bit…:)

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