Portrait Book: Proof layout

Just got my photo book’s proof layout from my graphic designer- a few little changes here and there, but the overall design of it is fantastic. the first page is of a 3d viewmaster card and then goes into roughly 21 images [i think i might be expanding this before all is said and done] with nice rough borders like they came from inside the viewer card. you’ll see, it’ll all make sense. also, i think the final price of the book is going to be $19.95, pretty inexpensive for a photo book i think and it will be ready for gift-giving season coming up if all goes as planned.

Once the last changes are made this beast is going out to the printer and all the fun publicity starts! press releases! galleries! loads of good fun for everyone. here’s a nice um barely visible pdf book layout:
Ian Grant Photography Book Layout

  • tom - Right on man.. Let me know when and where.


  • ian - sounds great! i’ll keep you posted!

  • Jaki Degg - I Googled for something completely different, but found your page…and have to say thanks. nice read….

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