Newest Member of the Grant family

Well if that didn’t get your attention enough, rumors are true [!!] and this coming December it looks like we’re going to be adding another little member of the Grant family.  Tanya and I decided back in January that we were probably due to have a kid after all we started with a rabbit, then a cat, then a dog, and it was only inevitable that we were going to add a human to the list.  Thankfully we did our best to time this whole pregnancy thing so it would not effect our wedding season as much as possible…phew.  Sure enough, after the first month of trying and me getting excited about the prospect of a little science experiment we got the fantastic Amazon 15 for $5 preggo tests.  Right away, pregnant.

Once my heart stopped racing [understandably] we went about finding a doctor, and we have this great guy in Beverly Hills through Cedars Sinai hospital who just loves the fact that Tanya was born in Israel.  Seriously, I mean he just loves bringing it up in conversation- for instance when we told him we had a little international plane trip coming in May he was like ‘where you going?  Israel?’  No doctor.  But thank you, I think.  Love the guy, old and totally crazy.

He also loves giving ultrasounds so we’ve been able to see our little Bean every few weeks more or less.  Last week after not breathing for a few days in anticipation we had the gender ultrasound and found out we’re going to be having a little girl, which Tanya and I thought we were going to be having from the very start.  Random, but we never really started picking out boys names- we just kind of always knew we were going to have a girl…not that we wouldn’t have been completely happy with a boy, it’s just one of those random things in life where you just kind of know something with your gut intuition.  I guess we had a 50/50 shot anyway. :)

Little Bean has been throwing 3am dance parties and using Tanya’s bladder as a trampoline, so if you see Tanya disappear for a few minutes every so often at your wedding that’s probably where she’s gone.  She just doesn’t understand that tormenting mom isn’t exactly the nicest thing to do 24/7…we’re going to have to have a little talk when she gets out.


Anyway, I just figured I’d share the amazing news with everyone.  To answer the obvious question that’s going to come up, yes, we’re still shooting weddings and have no plans to miss any ever.  You just might have a very noticeable pregnant lady taking some pics, and if you give her belly a rub you get a little good luck and maybe a swift kick from our angry little womb child.  We’re going to have an awesome little babysitter team in the background for 2012 that will keep an eye on our little one while we’re off partying at your sweet event.  Maybe in 10 years we might have a little covert camerawoman bouncing around your toes getting those candids you didn’t see coming. :)  I just bought her a pretty nice pillow for the crib of course not dropping any hints or anything…thank you Plushtography!  For our past/future clients this year’s holiday postcard might just be setting a new bar of excellence.


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