Mob Boss Without a Home, a tale of terror!;

Mob Boss - The Sick and Indigent Roomkeepers Society

Mob boss without a home, Galway, Ireland 2006.

I met this man on my way back through Galway during my trip driving around Ireland in April of 2005. The previous time I was in Ireland I had got this amazing little stuffed sheep, and I was determined to get another couple while I was there- mostly to remind me of the hundreds of real sheep that sat in the road and nearly totaled my car on a daily basis. Sure enough no store was selling these fake sheep, so I was going in all the tourist shops in all the towns I stopped in hoping someone had them, but it wasn’t to be. So I’m back in Galway on the day before I drive back to Dublin and go home when I found a store with the sheep in the window! I couldnt believe it! I went in, bought the last two and walked out and down this alley all proud of myself when I hear this low gruffled noise from behind me. ‘hey. kid. comehere’. Honestly, the first thing I thought of was protecting my sheep, like take my money, but not my sheep. ‘you got some change.’ more of a statement, than a question- I noticed he looked like a very typical scruffy mob boss, and since I somehow identify with people like this I worked out a deal with this scary man. A euro for a picture, and thats how I met the Mob boss without a home.

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