It’s Getting There…

Tanya and I like to decorate.  Well, I mostly like to go on elaberate trips, collect NPS maps, shoot some landscapes, and then have something nice to put on the wall that I can stand looking at every day.  I joke with Tanya because with almost everything I shoot, I get home and I think it’s the greatest thing I’ve ever done- then a couple weeks later I get the eh feeling and [insert the next weeks shoot] is going to be lightyears better.  Where I’m going with this is, the landscapes I can still look at a few months/years later are the ones that go on the wall.  Here’s our updated home, complete with a nice 60×40 Big Sur canvas– which looks pretty awesome.  Everything on the other wall is mostly Ireland stuff that I’m still in love with- you might notice Tanya’s extensive book collection.  We’re doing our New Zealand honeymoon over the holidays this year, so I’m thinking that’s going to be the new big update for next year probably.

  • Jaana - the print look phenomenal! love the whole look of your new place :)

  • laura - nice new digs, kids! sorry to have missed the housewarming … HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TANYA!

  • ian - Thanks Laura!

  • ian - Thanks Jaana, we’re going for calm and relaxing to counter the wild beasts that have taken over our home. :)

  • Mike Hedge - love the shots!

  • lizziebelle - love the rainbow colored books.

  • ian - The rainbow books are all Tanya, I don’t have the patience for book color ordering I think.

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