Hey, Whats Been Going On?

Hey everyone, Sorry I haven’t been posting a whole lot of actual text content lately- Here’s what’s been going on.

– Been having tons of wedding photo meetings, booked some really great venues. People seem to be hiring me for really scenic locations so that is awesome for me.

– Sold a Salton Sea photo twice today to the same company via Alamy. It looks like its going in some college textbook and they bought both a two-page spread as well as a 1/8 page size. REALLY COOL!

– Been editing Ireland photos as lightspeed pace. They are far better than expected which makes me really happy.

– This weekend we are traveling to Torrey Pines down by San Diego to do a little shooting.

– Over break I managed to get Tanya and I bumped off our flight home from Philly so now we both have $300 travel vouchers on American. I’m thinking I’m going to travel to Denver in April/May for a long weekend. If I had more time off I found a flight to Alaska for like $450 in July…god it’s so tempting.

– I figured I needed to do something with my domain iTravelogue.com, so I’m making it a photoblog. I found a great new wordpress theme for it, and have been posting up Ireland photos as a test. Check it out!

– I bought a Pantone Huey Pro monitor profiler and am really impressed with it so far. Looks like my Apple Cinema Display had a strange green hue to it, now I just have to get used to the monitor colors again.


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