France Travelogue + Photo Update + New Computer!;

Just finished going through the few thousand photos I took on the France trip, that was a real nightmare but somehow fun to get them all down to a manageable number and then edit by hand the ones I like. I’ll release them all on the site slowly but surely, some fun ones to post up. I think you’ll like them.

I’ve been trying to get Tanya to finish the damn travelogue up, but she’s taking her time and not getting it done. If you would like to remind her for me, message her blog here. Lots of good stories from France, so far that haven’t seen the light of day.

I also broke down and upgraded my PC/Mac transitional computer MacMini to a much more robust and capable MacPro tower. I am very excited about this arriving and got it for a decent price after $150 rebate. To afford this fine piece of work I’m using the money from selling my AlienBees strobes [which regrettably I’m selling after not using them nearly as much as I had hoped] and the deposit from a July wedding photo-shoot in the Bahamas. Cool Beans!


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