Canon 135mm f/2 Lens;

I just bought me a new toy, i’ve heard such amazing things about the canon 135mm f/2L lens i decided to sell my 70-200 f/4L and went and got a new lens. i like the idea that it’s much smaller than the 70-200 and it wont cause alarm when i pull it out [ie: it’s not big and white] so i’m looking forward to lots of great shots from it.  UPDATE:  New favorite lens.  Hands down.
Canon 135mm f/2.0L Lens

  • Joerg - f/2 sounds really good to me. seems to be a great lens

  • ian - i’ve been reading reviews on it for awhile now, people are saying its one of canon’s best lenses for the money [meaning $900 is expensive, but it could *cough* be more]

  • dan culberson - Curiously, I was just considering this lens for myself yesterday. I’ll be interested to hear your comments after shooting with it for a few days.

  • ian - i’ll keep everyone posted, i should be getting it in on friday!

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