Wedding in Paris

Wedding in ParisWe’re really excited.  We just booked a French wedding so next May we’re headed back to Paris to go live on baguettes again- I’m thinking another roadtrip might be in the works as well.  This time instead of Bretagne and Normandie, maybe down south?

PS: Does anyone recognize the above cafe?  I make sure to stop every time I’m in Paris.

UPDATE!  See this beautiful Destination Wedding in Paris now!

  • Heather - Have fun in Paris! Will be looking forward to seeing the pictures!

    How far South you thinking about going?

  • ian - Thanks Heather! We’re not too sure yet where we’re going to go, but we’re looking forward to a nice long roadtrip!

  • Christina Brosnan - Super jealous! I love Paris. You are going to get amazing pictures I know it! Can’t wait to see that post!

  • ian - It’ll be a nice little getaway!

  • mike - so jealous!

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