Whidbey Island Family Photography

Tucked away in Langley, WA is a gorgeous little dirt road which weaves through a forest and leads down to a quaint little house, weathered barn, and expansive fields as far as the eye could see.  Sounds like my little slice of heaven!  Tanya and I had the pleasure of photographing the Masaniai family out at their Whidbey Island home this summer and it was easily one of my favorite family photography sessions of all-time.

Whidbey Island Family Photography

Langley, WA

The Masaniai Family / Photography by: Ian Grant [contact]

Whidbey Island Family Photography

Langley, WASunset Langley, WAWhidbey Island Family PhotographyWhidbey Island Family Photography

Every once in awhile you feel like you just hit the jackpot with light, and I think we got it here.  We caught the tail end of an especially gorgeous sunset which just lit everything up gorgeously.  I could get used to seeing this everyday quite easily!  This section of their property was filled with apple trees, so you had these little sharp hits of red tucked in their lush green lawn.

Whidbey Island Family PhotographyWhidbey Island Senior PhotosWhidbey Island Family Photos

This little one was such a doll and had the most amazingly photogenic face.  She was all business for the first part of the shoot and then quickly warmed up and would sneak in these great little smiles like she knew exactly what she was doing, before taking off down the road.

Whidbey Island Family PhotosSunset Farm in Langley, WAWhidbey Island Family Photographer

These guys are so much fun and full of love.  Such a wonderful family.

Whidbey Island Family PhotographerBest Whidbey Island Family Photographer

To me these photos are kind of perfect- an amazingly stylish family, perfect light, and an incredible backdrop.  When I was coming down the road I knew instantly what an incredible backdrop this would be.

Best Whidbey Island Family PhotographerBest Whidbey Island Family PhotographyBest Whidbey Island Family Photography

How’s that for a sunset?  I’m game for some more Whidbey Island family photography sessions if this is what it’s like.  Not long after the sunset went away, fog started rolling in and filling up the fields- all while cows mooed in the distance.

Best Family Photography on Whidbey IslandBest Family Photography on Whidbey IslandBest Family Photographer on Whidbey IslandBest Family Photographer on Whidbey IslandWhidbey Island Family Photography

Tanya and I took the ferry back to Seattle and it was great to reflect back on such a fun day!  Thank you to the Masaniai family for the wonderful experience!

Moon over field on Whidbey Island

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