Whidbey Island Family Photographer

Whidbey Island Family Photographer

South Whidbey Island State Park – Freeland, WA
Lily – 19 Months / Photography by: Ian Grant [portfolio / contact]

Welcome to Summer in the Pacific Northwest!  On the occasional Summer weekend off, Tanya, Lily, and I like to get out of the city and explore all that the beautiful state of Washington has to offer- and after hearing about the gorgeous Whidbey Island, we decided to visit!

The first step was getting there.  Since we live in Lake Forest Park we could either drive way up north to Deception Pass and drive across the bridge, or take the incredibly more exciting local ferry by our already explored Camano Island.  It was an easy decision!  On the way over we saw some seals, hungry birds, and got blasted in the ear by the boat horn.  Lily went from 100 [on the boat enthusiasm scale] to about a 2 instantly.  Thankfully she recovered pretty quick as it was hot and she realized the only way to stay cool was get out in front and get blasted in the face by the ocean wind.

Once we got on the island we headed over to South Whidbey State Park which was right up the road.  You need a Discovery Pass to park there, but for $30 a year it’ll let you in all the state parks in Washington [such as St. Edwards and Cama Beach].

Mukilteo to Clinton Ferry

Lily was quick to take a survey of the path down to the beach and collect the local sticks and leaves.  Hand holding with mom is for home time, hiking is stick and leaf  time.

Whidbey Island Family PhotographerWhidbey Island Family Photographer

That is unless you can pack them all into one hand, after all there could be bears out there and someone has to protect you [mom].  Dad has a camera.

Whidbey Island Family Photographer

Once we got down to the beach there was a lot to explore and Lily got to see jellyfish for the first time as well as collect more beach debris.  By the end she was horribly disgusting, but that was to be expected.

Walking along the beach at South Widbey State ParkWhidbey Island Family Photographer

Sometimes you find something that absolutely blows your mind.  For Lily that was a shell.

Toddler finding shells along the beach in the Puget SoundWhidbey Island Family Photographer

After getting gnawed on for awhile by sand fleas it was time to head back up the path.

Hiking with a toddler on Whidbey IslandToddler hiking on Whidbey Island

Lily has been studying our pets drinking methods and was eager to demonstrate her own abilities.  This went on for a very long time…

Camping with a toddler on Whidbey IslandPicking wildflowers on Whidbey Island, Washington

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More about South Widbey State Park:

South Whidbey State Park in Island County, Washington is one of the Washington State Parks. It consists of 347 acres of old-growth forest and tidelands with 4,500 feet of shoreline on Admiralty Inlet. The park contains many mature specimens of Western red cedar, Douglas fir, and Western hemlock, some of the largest on Whidbey island, including one “Giant Cedar” over 500 years old.

looking up the trunk of a 500 year old Western Red Cedar in South Whidbey State Park.

Available activities include hiking, camping, crabbing, clamming, recreational fishing, swimming, beachcombing, birdwatching, and wildlife viewing.


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