Our Family Pictures

Our Family Pictures

The Grant Family [us!] / Photography by: Ian & Tanya [portfolio / contact]

I just wanted to drop in today and tell you a personal story about the value of family pictures.  I have the extreme luck of being married to a professional photographer, one whose job also happens to be his passion.  As in most cases where someone loves what they do, Ian tends to have a camera on hand all the time – whether it be one of his professional Canon series cameras or simply an iPhone – and he’s always documenting our life together.  Needless to say, we have a ton of pictures in our house.

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Sometimes in today’s digital world it’s easy for all those photos to sit unlooked at, like little virtual memory banks that no one is accessing.  One of the reasons I love the photo albums we offer as part of our photo services is because they’re tangible books to hold onto and page through.  They sit on your shelf, pretty and welcoming, and you don’t have to search through your computer to find them.

Baby in Bumbo

Baby eating peas for the first timeFunny dog licking baby

When you run your own photography business, actually putting together your own photo album can get shuffled to the side.  There are always print or album orders to fulfill for other people, or, at a certain point, your eyes just don’t want to look at a computer screen anymore.  But for my birthday the other week, Ian did the remarkably lovely thing of sorting through photos we shot last year and ordering a whole slew for our family photo album.  He cut it off at around 200 photos, and that didn’t even count any photos from 2013.

The photos arrived in the mail yesterday afternoon, fittingly the eve of our fifth wedding anniversary, and they were the best gift I could ask for.  There were photos from when Lily was first born, when she was so, so tiny and beautiful; photos from her first trip to the beach; photos from her first bites of food and her surprised, “What is this?” face; photos from her her first birthday in Hawaii.  It’s an amazing collection and the photographs help crystallize the memories and help me remember details that would otherwise be forgotten.

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I can’t stress enough how much the photos mean to me, and how proud I feel to one day be able to pass them to Lily (perhaps the world’s most documented baby, no?).  It might sound cliche, but if anything every happened to my house the photos and our hard drives would the first things we’d grab.  Mmm, hard drives.  Anyway, I am also so proud that Ian Grant Photography is able to give this gift to our clients, and we hope you’ll keep sharing your moments with us – both the big milestones (engagement! wedding! baby!) and the every day.

Oh, and Ian?  Happy Anniversary!

xo Tanya

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