Malibu Creek Engagement Photographer

There’s nothing that gets me more excited than an extravagant Indian wedding.  Hands down, my favorite weddings to shoot!  So when I heard all about Aarti and Sukrant’s multi-day wedding event, not only did I want to be there as a guest, but I knew this was something not to be missed.

More important than all that however was Tanya and I were instantly drawn to Aarti’s outgoing and warm personality.  Each wedding is such a personal project for us, so having a wonderful couple to shadow throughout the whole event is always such a treat.

Our first shoot of many to come with Aarti and Sukrant was a session at Malibu Creek State Park, one of my favorite outdoor locations in Los Angeles.

Malibu Creek Engagement Photographer

Aarti and Sukrant / Photography by: Ian Grant [portfoliocontact]

Malibu Creek Engagement PhotographerMalibu Creek Engagement Photographer

If you need to get out of Los Angeles every so often, Malibu Creek State Park is the place to do it.  There are more miles of trails than you can do in any one sitting and you also have your old movie sets and rusted out MASH cars too.

Engagement Photography

Aren’t Aarti and Sukrant adorable?  These guys are going through their residencies all while living in two different cities and trying to plan a huge wedding.  They have some serious stamina and can look great doing it.

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I absolutely love these, it’s so nice when April comes and LA gets a bit of greenery.

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