Griffith Park Observatory Engagement Photos - Rebecca and Max

Griffith Park Observatory Engagement Photos

Rebecca and Max were double the fun when they brought their lovely pups up to the Griffith Park Observatory, one of our favorite places to shoot in LA.  If you can deal with the sometimes chaotic crowds it can be a blast to take photos at.  So many great little sports and shooting there every time is a totally different experience.  With that said, I've never shot with dogs in such a highly trafficked spot but they were true champs!  You can tell how much their pups mean to Rebecca and Max, they couldn't imagine not having them there...and the dogs have such great personalities!  They were ready to ham it up as soon as they arrived!

Coffee is an important aspect of Rebecca and Max's life.  They bonded on dates over coffee and its usually the first thing they do together every day so they wanted to somehow incorporate it into their shoot.

Photos Taken with a Canon 5D Mark II / Canon 50mm f/1.2

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