Calabasas Engagement Photos - Juan and Celene

Calabasas Engagement Photos

Location: Upper Las Virgenes Open Space Preserve

Juan and Celene hired us to be their wedding photographers way before Juan had officially proposed to Celene, so we’ve had the pleasure of getting to see a lot of their relationship evolve.  Unbeknownst to Celene, after they hired us, Juan contacted us to come shoot a very special surprise proposal.  Juan and Celene had dinner with their parents all the while a good few dozen of their best friends were waiting for the right moment in the bar.  During the restaurant’s evening Brazilian dance performance, Juan dropped to one knee and out poured the friends and Celene's mouth dropped as they became the center of the show.  Ian and I got to document the whole thing, along with the joy of the couple’s family and friends. Such a cool experience!


Having already had that experience documented, Juan and Celene decided to get dressed up again for their Calabasas engagement photos.  We headed to the Upper Las Virgenes Open Space Preserve, which is one of our favorite LA wedding venues.  This place has gorgeous fields that change seasonally and that look a little different every time you see them.  It’s so cool when one location feels fresh and new every time you visit.  Plus, it’s nice to feel like you’re leaving the city and getting to enjoy the outdoors.

We took a bunch of photographs and I think Juan and Celene’s dressy outfits are a nice juxtaposition with the flowy grasses and fields.  We had a blast on this shoot and hope you enjoy the photos!

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