Big Moves! Giant Prints!

Big Sur California Photograph

So, if I didn’t mention it already- Tanya and I packed up our pets, garden, and photo supplies and moved quite literally two doors down [approx. 20 feet north].  What this means is a] an OFFICE! b] a new home for Riley the dog [uh, the office] and c] more space than we know what to do with!  We’ve been living in a pretty small space for the last few years and when a new place opened up, we decided to make the change.  We’re both kind of pack rats and this was revealed in the move, so now we’re able to spread out a bit and really get rid of that overall claustrophobic feeling.  With that, it’s also gives us tons of space for beautiful landscapes on the wall!  We fit one wall with some great images from my last Ireland trip and the other from Harris Beach State Park, and yet another with some vintage Salton Sea photos in white frames.  What was left was the biggest wall right behind our couches.  What better way to fill it then a giant 60×40 canvas of a blue Big Sur photograph!  I’m pretty psyched as I don’t think I’ve ever seen any of my photos this big, but I’ll have to report back on how it looks.  I’m a little scared/nervous though, this is going to be so cool!


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