As Seen In: Bridal Guide Magazine

Bridal Guide Magazine

Funny enough last month I heard one of my photos made it into Bridal Guide Magazine.  I had submitted Irene and Aaron’s wedding to the editor awhile back not really thinking much of it, and later it got plenty of traction on their website including a few ‘photos of the day‘ and about 10 other placements.  Cool right?  So one night I’m on Facebook, and I see a photo from their wedding pop up on my news feed.  Their friend took a camera phone picture of the inside of the magazine and basically said ‘so I was planning my wedding reading through Bridal Guide, and look who I see randomly pop up in the magazine!’.  How funny!  The January/February issue was already out of print, but I was able to easily pick up a copy on Ebay.  So much fun!  Here’s the photo and a few more images from their wedding in 2011 at Saddlerock Ranch.

Bridal Guide


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