iPhone Photo Apps

Since we can’t always lug around our huge photo cameras, you bet we’re snapping away with our iPhones pretty much all time time.  Now that we’ve got a beautiful little  daughter it’s only made things worse.  The following are our favorite photo apps that we use on the iPhone, hopefully they help you in taking some beautiful photos of your own.

Our Favorite iPhone Photo Apps



Very well known and takes gorgeous photos.  It can take awhile to process, but on my iPhone 4 it allows up to 9 images to buffer in the background.  I’ve had this one on my bottom dock for awhile now.


Also on my bottom dock is Squarea.  A really fun retro app that gives you the option to take your standard square shots or you can do the old style four photos in one just like the old windup film cameras.  Way fun.  You can also add in effects like light leaks, blurs, and registration bars.  Lily and I take photos of us with the 2×2 Multi all the time and they come out awesome.

DMD Panorama

This is the best and easiest to use panoramic photo program I’ve used.  It honestly makes putting them together tons of fun!  All you have to do is align those yin/yang symbols up there and it automatically takes and combines the photos.  Show off those really epic landscapes you travel to!


Snapseed is the ultimate way to edit your photos, seriously minimal effort creates the coolest looking photos.  A little costly, but well worth the price in my opinion.  It includes push button options to easy adjust brightness/contrast and other great ones like tilt-shift, grunge, and vignette.

Pic Grunger

You’re going to have some serious fun with this app.  Pic Grunger takes your boring old photos and makes them look like someone left them out in the rain for a year.  After which they smeared glue and tea bags all over them and let their cat use it as a scratcher.  Amazing effects all with a finger tap.


This is probably one of my most used apps.  I started using Everyday throughout Tanya’s pregnancy and now I’ve been taking photos of Lily pretty much every day since she was born.  When you’re done with your project you can turn it into a fast/slow quicktime time-lapse.  You’ll love it!  Be sure to see Lily’s Everyday project.

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