About Us as a Couple

“We had only seen each other in person for less than a week when Tanya moved across the country to live with Ian.”


We met in 2004 at Emerson College, when Ian was a senior and Tanya was a freshman.  We struck up a friendship the day before Ian was graduating and moving to Los Angeles, so the early stages of our relationship were all online.  We credit the Internet and Skype for helping us get some face time every day for the six months we lived on opposite coasts.

We had only seen each other in person for less than a week when Tanya moved across the country to live with Ian.  Crazy, we know, but sometimes when you want something bad enough you just have to jump in.  Luckily we were as good together in person as we were over the webcam and on a vacation in St. Kitts a few years later, Ian proposed.  Tanya, as it were, said yes.

We were married in 2008 in an intimate ceremony at Point Lobos State Reserve in Monterey, CA- our little special place in the world.  Over time we welcomed a myriad of pets, including our rabbit, cat, and dog.  The pets were added in size order, so it became clear once we had Riley our dog for awhile that a human was probably next in line.  Ian wanted a racoon next, but those aren’t allowed indoors.

On Ian’s 30th birthday in 2011, I went into labor with our daughter, giving him the best birthday present/experience ever.  I’ve accepted I will never be able to top this.  A few hours past midnight the next day, Lily was born to our family, and it has only been better since.

Having our daughter is pretty much the best thing ever.  We love being parents and Lily is quite possibly the world’s most photographed baby.  The good news is photographing a squirming baby keeps us on our toes and prepared for photo shoots at all times.



Photographer and Tech Guru

From: Born in Michigan, grew up in South-Eastern Massachusetts
Likes: Being a Dad, telling awesome jokes, Iceland, Ireland, going on excessivly long roadtrips, researching/planning trips, drawing cartoon creatures with big eyes and weird teeth, eating Otter Pops, making lists, swimming in the ocean, buying expensive camera gear, designing our yearly postcard [over 250+ go out every year!], collecting Gremlins figures, his wife.



Photographer and Customer Relations Manager

From: Born in Isreal, grew up just outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Likes: Lily, Ian, reading and writing children’s books, being outdoors, travel, cooking and entertaining, dessert parties, bright colored clothing, rain.



Mascot and Photography Subject Extraordinaire

From: Born at Cedars in LA, hasn’t ventured much from the beach since
Likes: Peaches, dog toys, Goodnight Moon, sloppy kisses, long walks, her pets, playing in the dog’s water bowl, chewing on dad’s camera strap [she will fly across the room if she sees it], swimming in the pool, destroying things that dad & mom love, climbing on Riley the dog.